Philosophy of Service

Commitment to Client Service

To our clients, Pillemer & Pillemer’s philosophy of service translates into practical benefits, whether your issue concerns subrogation¬†or civil litigation.

We strive to meet our clients’ needs with highly skilled legal services and seek to exceed their expectations in the delivery of those services.

Problem Solving Approach

In seeking the resolution of problems/issues in a case, we focus on results, rather than the legal process. We will analyze your dispute for favorable settlement opportunities, rather than simply initiating litigation.

Strategic Approach

We will develop and implement a plan to achieve the most effective solution taking into consideration time, money, outcome, and emotion related to your legal issue.


Our experience means we’ve likely encountered a problem similar to yours. We know what works and will find a practical solution that makes good sense for your matter.


We will respond expeditiously to your phone calls and inquiries and reliably handle the matter you entrust to us.